What's your story?

Our strategy at Kingston is to understand what your public outreach strategies are and your unique brand story. Let us handle your social media channels saving you money, time and effort. 

Advertise With Facebook

  • Build your e-mail list
  • Target your competitors fans
  • Target your perfect clients by demographics
  • Advertise to people who have visited your website

Social Media Services

Your social outreach is important to any brand’s marketing success. Our social media services will help your brand achieve the exposure you need.

Social Media Management

Most companies have tons of social media accounts as a part of their advertising and outreach. We have social media experts ready to help manage social content for your brand, get your brand followers, likes and get you exposure as quick as possible.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key on social media. We have strategies to help others discover your brand in your target audience. We use Google Analytics, and a wide range of other tools to help your social presence perform better on the web.

Social Media Monitoring

 Your audience speaks online about you, competition or your industry,and you should be listening to get a better understanding of them. We can help you gain value from those online discussions.