Building worth through digital experiences.

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Kingston Way is the premier digital marketing company for reaching your target audience.


Kingston Way is here to tell your story online in an ever expanding and changing online space. Professionally you can call us a digital marketing firm. We capitalize on the skills of our specialists to help your brand rise to the top and generate sales.

About Us

We Are Kingston

We are Kingston, a digital marketing company that digitizes brands and marketing to provide a great online experience. We focus on two things, social media and websites. We use advertising, blogs, emailing, design and content to support those drivers. Every digital strategy is different and customized for each of our client to provide the best consultation possible.

How We Build Digital Experiences

We use two main approaches, Social Media and Websites to share your business with the world. This includes a full strategy to advertise your company online with search engine optimization , social media campaigns, analyzing your customer base, great design, online sales lead generation, content creation, advertising and many other options.

Our specially crafted strategies are built to drive sales and a story. We are big believers in continuous improvement that is why we religiously use analytics to improve each strategy while comparing our changes to national trends. Our mission is to building worth through digital marketing and we hope you let us show the world how amazing your company is.

Meet The Kingston Team

Isaac Dallas

Networking and Marketing, Cofounder
Networking and building meaningful relationships is what Isaac does best. His prior connections with Harvard, Google, and others allow Kingston to build the best network possible.

Miro Momchilov

Sales Director, Cofounder
Miro handles the sales operations here at Kingston. His ability to close deals, and communicate the best value to our customers is what makes Kingston stand out from the rest. He has 4+ years experience in sales, including an sales internship at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Christopher Richards

IT / Web Development
Christopher handles IT and Web Development operations here at Kingston. He has worked with Harvard to deliver a kid's card game prototype, and worked with numerous clients in Chicago to design, build, and maintain their websites. He has 5+ years of experience as a professional web-developer.

Jacob Dallas

Project Manager
Jacob handles the project management here at Kingston. By communicating effectively between clients and internal operations, he is able to keep the customer experience great for all sides of the party.

Rob Heaser

SEO Analytics / Security
Rob is an Information Systems Security major, with an passion in building secure systems, and keeping up to date with the latest security techniques. He has 3+ years experience working with the U.S. National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst. Rob also handles SEO & Analytics to give customers the best data to achieve the best digital performance on the web.

Peter Higley

Human Resources
Peter handles the HR at Kingston. He provides the best resources for all Kingston employees and helps recruit top talent for Kingston Way.

Logan Potter

Logan is a Finance major from Illinois State University. He handles the finance for Kingston Way.